Hold On To Me

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Have you heard Lauren Daigle's song, "Hold on to Me" released in early 2021? I don't listen to radio often. I tend to buy songs I like and create monthly playlists, so can be a little behind of the newest releases. Even when I do listen to music (as opposed to seeing it performed or performing myself), my mind is usually in a dozen other places. I might hear a song 10 times before I really HEAR it. You know?

I was familiar with the melody when I watched Lauren perform on The Voice finale in May 2021, so I'd "heard" it before that. Let me say right here that the girl can sing! She has one of the most powerful, heart-voices I've ever heard. And, I'm thrilled that millions saw that performance and heard the message!

The first two lines of the song captivated me right away:

"When the best of me is barely breathin'

When I'm not somebody I believe in"

That struck a little close to home...OK, a lot close to home... as did most every lyric after that. Later the chorus says, "Hold on to me when I forget I need you." Ooh, that one pricked too.

Have you ever heard a song then looked around to see if there was a hidden microphone somewhere or some device that was reading you thoughts, hearing the unspoken cries of your heart? You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you first heard it. This song and her performance that evening was a moment like that for me.

I immediately hopped on iTunes the next day and downloaded it. I've listened to it a dozen times this week. (Don't you love that loop option?!) What is it about these lyrics that are so poignant and gut-wrenching for me? I've asked myself that a lot this week. So far, I have two answers. First, the timeliness coincides perfectly with this project of discovering every He Says I Am scripture. When we feel so broken, so worthless, so aimless, God says something different, the opposite, in fact. He says, we are held. He knows that we long for and need comfort, protection, affection. Here are a few Held affirmations I've found so far: Psalms 37:24, Psalms 73:23, Psalm 27:10, Psalm 18:48, 1 John 5:18, Isaiah 41:10 & 13.

Second, if someone else can pen the very emotions I've wrestled with, the very thoughts in my head, it means I'm not the only one feeling this way. I'm not the only one who's ever thought this. I'm not the only one who has ever struggled, or will ever struggle, with these issues. That alone is encouraging.

The beauty of that is that not only are we never alone because the Spirit of Christ is with us always, "even to the end of this age," but God brings also along friends, encouragers, someone whose life intertwines with our just when we need them. They may be part of our lives for a long time, even a lifetime. We may be in relationships with others for only a season. Sometimes, my focus is too inward to see, value and appreciate those around me.

Remember God says you are held. He says you are never alone. And the songwriters conclude,

"I could rest here in Your arms forever

'Cause I know nobody loves me better."

This, my friend, is true. Let's rest in Him and relish all that love today.

Hear "Hold on to Me" on YouTube.

Songwriters: Paul T. Duncan / Lauren Daigle / Paul Brendon Mabury

Hold On To Me lyrics © Centricsongs, Centricity Music Publishing, See You At The Pub

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