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It's Time for a Happy Dance

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Have you ever been rejected, left out, ignored? I’m guessing we all have at some point. Maybe it was early in life when your first best friend chose another best friend, or the date you really wanted to go to prom with picked someone else. Maybe you didn’t make it into the college you preferred, or you didn’t get the call back from the audition or the job interview. Maybe you didn’t make the team or the club. Maybe a parent abandoned you. Maybe a spouse did. Those are hard, deep hurts that can linger for years…maybe even a lifetime.

But to be chosen, that’s a 180! The feeling of being accepted, wanted, included, selected…those feelings bring great happiness! Being chosen is a call for celebration, high-fiving, fist pumps, a nice dinner. In my house, it’s a Happy Dance (much to my family’s dismay!)

The Bible tells us in several places that God chose us before we were born. We are the object of his favor. He didn’t wait to see how accomplished or talented we’d become. He didn’t wait to see how many languages we would learn or our final GPA. He didn’t wait to see how many civic groups we’d join or how much we would earn. He didn’t wait to see if we were accepted by cool kids, went to the best school, or lived in the right neighborhood. He didn’t wait to see how we would perform under pressure.

He chose us already knowing the answers and outcomes to all those possibilities. He chose us first. He chose us for relationship with him. He chose us to be his ambassadors in this time and place with the people around us. He chose us even knowing all the ways we would defy and dishonor him; all the times we would disobey. And he's never changed his mind.

God doesn’t exclude anyone. His desire for relationship and his invitation into relationship is open to everyone. Aren’t you so grateful?! Maybe the most incredible part of his choosing us is that IT’S NOT ABOUT US. It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s not about anything we do or don’t do or could possibly do. It’s ALL about HIM. He chose us because he is an amazingly gracious Father who loves us with an unfailing love – always and forever, no matter what. That makes like worth celebrating -- so go ahead, practice your Happy Dance. We are chosen – the object of his favor. Love has spoken, you are chosen. He’s simply waiting for us to choose him.

Watch the video “Chosen” by Sidewalk Prophets and do you own Happy Dance!

“This is your identity, your call to be, you're royalty. You're chosen.

You're not left out, you're wanted. Love has spoken, you are chosen.”

Chosen, Sidewalk Prophets

See someone being left out or excluded today? Make an effort to include them. You might set the stage for a 180 for them.

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