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He Says I Am started with a Bible Study from Jenny Allen titled Get Out of Your Head. In a video session near the end of the study, she lists some characteristics that God says we are. Truth after truth, the words flash up powerfully on the screen in her bold and authoritative voice. You are redeemed. You are forgiven. You are justified. You are strong. You are loved. You are chosen. You are the Lord's delight. You are righteous. It was a MOMENT. Every hair was on end. I knew all of that but I'd never heard that singular message in such a confident, affirmative voice all at once. You know those songs that list all the names of God and we're overwhelmed with all that He is. This was like that, only it was about me -- what He said about ME. I was overwhelmed. I had to know more.

I searched for Bible Studies and books on the topic of who God says I am and came up lacking. It was near the end of the year, so I decided that for the following year I was going to read the Bible and record every "He Says I Am" statement. (I also have to confess: I'm an AVID fiction reader. So, I committed to putting fiction aside until I read the Bible through, however long that took.) I started with a few chapters in Genesis, Matthew, Psalms and ProverBs every day. Within a month, I had filled seven pages in a notebook. (Who knew Genesis had anything to say about me?!) I began sharing that project with a few friends. They were all as affected as I was. And, they were all so encouraging as this vision grew. So, here we are. 


You can find affirmations regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Please follow along and share to encourage others.  I'm just a regular girl who's walked with Jesus a long time but still has much to learn. I decided to share the journey with you. I hope you find only encouragement here. (P.S. You might also notice how much I love flowers!)


  • Read at least a verse or two before and after each affirmation -- maybe even a chapter or two before or after. The context of the passage is just as important for understanding the deepest meaning and implication. 

  • Read the scripture in multiple translations. For the most part, we've used the New Living Translation but it's been a richer, fuller learning experience to see what words other versions use. Downloading a Bible App is especially handy for this type of study.

  • Look up the definition of the affirmation in a dictionary, or use a thesaurus to see synonyms. This also give a richer and fuller understanding of what God is saying to us. We'll be sharing lots of these in our Facebook posts and blogs.

  • Discuss what you discover with a friend. Ask about their experiences in a particular area.

  • Journal what God puts on your heart about each affirmation. Journaling is a fantastic way to monitor your spiritual growth and faith journey.

  • Be intentional about looking for ways to encourage others. The insight God gives us isn't just for our own benefit. He wants us to share the hope we have in him with others.


  1. Pray for God's truth to reach those to need to know it and be reminded of it.​

  2. Following along on social channels Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  3. Like, comment on, and share posts. This is what makes the tools work by recommending the page to others.

  4. Subscribe to the He Says I Am blog. Like, comment and share -- it's what makes the digital world turn.

  5. Invite us to share with your group or Bible Study class. 

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